Lifts are necessary in urban environments where a high population density encourages high-rise construction. When a business or private residence is located above ground level, a properly functioning lift provides a high degree of comfort and convenience. However, if a lift is poorly maintained or is not used correctly, it can pose a safety risk to users. The following are some tips for proper use and upkeep of lifts.

Ensure Proper Use

Everyone who uses a lift needs to be made aware of guidelines for proper use. For example, users should know the weight capacity for a lift and avoid overcrowding it. In addition, they should avoid certain behaviors that can be damaging to a lift, such as holding a door open by hand or attempting to force a door open as it closes. Children should be monitored at all times to make sure they are safely inside or outside before lift doors close.

Schedule Regular Service

It is the responsibility of lift owners to schedule regular service. In Singapore, the Building Construction Authority (BCA) recommends that lifts be serviced once per month and undergo a detailed inspection and testing every year. The main benefit of lift maintenance is the opportunity make sure all parts are in good condition. By catching problems and signs of wear early on, lift owners can avoid dangerous malfunctions and expensive repairs.

Stay In Compliance With Regulations

It is also important for lift owners to make sure that their machine is in compliance with the latest safety regulations. As technology and safety features improve, regulations change, but an expert lift technician can help lift owners learn how to upgrade their equipment to the latest safety standards.

Use A Reputable Maintenance Service

To ensure the safety of their equipment, lift owners should only work with experienced professionals. A reputable lift technician will have the latest diagnostic equipment and maintenance tools along with up-to-date knowledge of changing industry standards.

With proper use and care, a lift can provide good and safe service for many years. By replacing parts and checking regularly for signs of wear and tear, owners can maximize the life of their lift.